Battery Observation Post
Aerial photo of the BOP

The Battery Observation Post on top of Mount Serapong in 1950. Behind it is the Battery Command Post for the old Serapong 9.2-Inch Battery.

Fort Connaught Battery Observation Post

Front view of the Observation Post
The Battery Observation Post (BOP).

Built in the 1930s for the up rated 3 Gun Fort Connaught. It is thought that the BOP was operational by 1936 with the old 9.2-Inch Emplacements being filled in during the construction period.

View showing both Levels
Both Levels in view. There were two Depression Range Finders in the BOP in 1942.

View of steel shuttersLooking through the windows to the inside
LEFT: Steel Shutters still in place. RIGHT: Windows with hinges for the shutters
Steel shutters were closed to minimise casualties when under attack. Only essential windows would unprotected.

Upper levelThe doorway
LEFT: The upper floor. RIGHT: The entrance to the BOP

Inside the BOP

The view in the 50s
The view before the vegetation took over.

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