The entrance
The entrance

The Entrance to the Plotting Room. A bracket for the ventilation system is suspended from the ceiling.

Fort Connaught Battery Plotting Room

The Entrance to the Post
The Entrance to Fort Connaught Battery Plotting Room
This is built into Mount Serapong

Looking back along the passage LEFT: Looking back along the long entrance passage to the Plotting Room. Some brackets which supported trunking for the ventilation system are still on the roof. The passage was built with two corners in it. This was in order to negate the effects of any bomb or shell landing at the entrance. Bomb and shell splinters would be unable to penetrate into the Plotting Room itself.

As well as the main entrance, a long ladder led up into what was once the shell store of the 9.2-Inch Gun Battery once atop Mount Serapong. From the shell store it was a short walk to the Fort Connaught Battery Command Post. This could also serve as an emergency escape exit should the need arise.

The Battery Plotting Room was where naval targets would have been tracked and plotted on a large table. Information would be received from Observation Posts, The Battery Command post and Faber Fire Command. All 9.2-Inch and 15-Inch gun batteries in Singapore had a Plotting Room. Additional Plotting Rooms were at Faber and Changi Fire Commands, and in Combined Operations Headquarters Malaya Command. This was the underground control centre, now known as the Battlebox.

The Plotting Room was built during the updating of Fort Connaught during the 1930s, at a time when there was much upgrading of defences on Blakang Mati going on. It was almost certainly blown up on 14th/15th. February 1942. The demolitions were very effective, totally destroying the facility.

During the 2006 archaeological survey of Serapong, A coin from the early 1940s was found inside amongst the rubble, as were Monopoly pieces of the period. So, we at least know that the men in the Centre played Monopoly to pass the time during their periods of duty.

The end of the passageMakers label for Ventilation System
ABOVE LEFT: The end of the Entrance passage. Remnants of the ventilation system are hanging from the ceiling.
ABOVE RIGHT: The maker’s label on the ventilation system.

The entrance to the Command CentreInside the centre
ABOVE LEFT: The view from the doorway into the Plotting Room.    ABOVE RIGHT: Two additional rooms inside.
The Plotting Room is in a very dangerous state and anyone entering could be badly hurt or worse.

Devastation inside the centreDevastation inside the centre
ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: Devastation inside the Plotting Room.
The hatch leading to the Communications Ladder is on the left of the right-hand photo.

Inside a roomA hanging beam

ABOVE LEFT: A room in the Plotting Room.    ABOVE RIGHT: One of the dangers in the Command Centre.

More devastationThe communications ladder LEFT:More Devastation.

RIGHT: The long ladder leading up to the Shell Store of the Serapong 9.2-Inch Battery. Two of the joins in the ladder are visible in the photo.

The Power HouseThe Power House
ABOVE: Inside the Power House which is located outside the Plotting Room on the side of Mount Serapong.

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