Fort Connaught Gun

The entrance at the bottom of the stairs.

The entrance

The staircase down to the magazine. The entrance is on the left at the bottom.

The No.3 Emplacement Magazine

The entrance
The entrance to the Magazine

The entrance passageway.

Looking back to the entrance, and into the Magazine.
Entrances into the Dry Area can be seen in the right-hand photo.

Inside the Magazine looking towards the Cartridge Store. The entrance doorway to the Magazine is on the right. Damage caused by the spiking of the Magazine on 14th February 1942. Debris from the walls of the Cartridge Store is scattered throughout the magazine.

Looking towards the Ammunition Hoist. Debris from the Cartridge Store and other constructions is scattered on the floor.

The ceiling is made of steel troughing, above which is 6 feet of concrete, 3 feet of sand, the 3 feet thick concrete Buster, 4 feet 6 inches of sand and finally a thin layer of earth.

The Location of the Ammunition Hoist.

The remainders of the Cartridge Store.

Inside the magazine
Photographer at Work