Fort Connaught Gun
The Staircase

Plan for the stairs down to the Magazine..

Plan for the gun

Plan the gun position.

Fort Connaught No.1 Emplacement

Plan of the magazine
ABOVE: Detail from the plan for the No.1 Gun Emplacement

In British service, the No.1 Gun was always the right hand gun when viewed from the behind the gun line. In Fort Connaught, this was the most southerly gun. All traces of the No.1 Gun have vanished. It's location was in the vicinity of the fairway of the No. 5 Hole on the golf course.

Plan of the magazine
Plan of the No. 1 Gun Emplacement

As with other magazines, Shells were kept separately to the propellant cartridges in case of accident. Before entering the Cartridge store, men had to change into clothing and footwear which could not create sparks.

A small davit type crane was mounted above the entrance passage to the magazine for lowering stores and equipment.

Other Batteries
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