Fort Connaught Gun
Railing  fittings

Mountings for steel railings on the outside face of the emplacement.


As the fittings once were.

Fort Connaught No.3 Emplacement

No.3 Emplacement
Approaching the No.3 Emplacement

The No.3 Emplacement is in quite a good condition considering that it was was abandoned post-war, and is very much overgrown.

Looking up from inside the gun ring. This location would be below the steel shield around the gun. In this area ammunition would have been brought up from the magazine and sent up to the gun above.

A collapsing wall. This is to the rear of the gun ring.

Railing fixtures seen from the top of the gun ring. The base of the collapsing wall is at the top of the photo..

Looking down into the ammunition handling area.
Cartridge Recesses are set in the wall. These would have had steel doors.

The entrance to the ammunition Handling area in in the centre of the photo.

Looking into the ammunition handling area.

The photos above have been taken during three different occasions over several years. This shows up in the lighting conditions amount levels of vegetation in the photos.

The top of the emplacement
The top of the Emplacement.

Irregular lumps of concrete are on top of the emplacement. These were used to break up the shape of the emplacement, and to help to camouflage it. This technique was also used at other gun batteries. Traces of paint were found on the concrete lumps at the 6-Inch Emplacement on Mount Serapong. It is possible that they were painted for camouflage purposes.

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