Fort Connaught Gun
A bat

One of today’s residents of the Engine room.

Fort Connaught Engine Room

The Entrance
The lower entrance to the Engine Room

The Entrance passageway is below ground level and slopes up do a surface level doorway which has been bricked up.

Looking back down the passageway towards the lower entrance.

A sign on the Engine room wall.

The passageway from the lower entrance into the Engine Room.
On the right are the Dry Area (drainage) and the location of the oil tank.

The reverse view. Another part of the Dry Area is on the right.

Looking into the Dry Area.

Extract from Faber Fire Command Survey of Operations

18 January 1942
In the Fort itself, at least 14 Bombs fell in all. One fell on top of the Engine Room but failed to do any Damage.

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