The PF Cell

Mount Imbiah Command Buildings

Mount Imbiah 1922
Mount Imbiah 9·2-Inch Emplacement 1922

The Command Buildings
The Command Buildings behind the Gun

Looking down the entrance pathway back to the emplacement.

At the top of the entrance path, steps lead down to where the bungalow once stood.

At the top of the path. The entrance to the Battery Command Post is up the steps on the left. Just past the Command Post is a small room, purpose unknown. All the windows and doors of this row of buildings would once have had steel doors and shutters.

The passageway behind the buildings.

The Entrance to the Battery Command Post. There are small ventilation slots in the wall. Air conditioning 1912 style!

Inside one of the rooms between the Battery Command Post and Faber Fire Command.

The entrance to Imbiah Fire Command. Shelf supports still remain in the small room at the rear of the Post.

The instrumentation at Mount Imbiah compromised of three Depression Position Finders at Imbiah Fire Command and each of the PF Cells. In addition, there was a Depression Position Finder in the Battery Command Post. The 9·2-Inch Gun had an Auto Sight. The Auto Sight will have been linked to the range and position finding equipment. The Glossary gives basic information about these instruments.

The buildings from the fromt
The Command Buildings

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