9.2-Inch Gun

Mount Imbiah Gun Emplacement

The entrance
The Entrance to the Emplacement

Entering the Emplacement. The wall on the left has a small recess in it. This was used to store Firing Tubes for the gun. It originally had a steel door. The two tall, and four other concrete blocks are not part of the Emplacement. They were placed many years ago for a display.

Looking down at the Emplacement. If the concrete blocks were removed, visitors would get a more accurate representation of the Emplacement. Many must think that they formed part of the Emplacement.

Looking down into the Emplacement. In the wall of the Emplacement is a long recessed shelf. On this were stood 30 shells so as to be ready for loading.

The shelf for the shells. In front of the shelf is a filled in area. In here was the front hydraulic shell hoist for the gun. The gun had two hydraulic hoists, the other being behind the breech. In the event of a hydraulic failure, the gun had a davit crane which could be used for loading purposes.

The Holdfast for the gun — 52 bolts sunk deeply into the concrete, onto which the gun mounting was fixed. Running through the ring of bolts was a trench leading to the Hydraulic Accumulator which stored the power to operate the gun and Ammunition Hoists.

Looking from behind the Emplacement. A filled in narrow trench can be seen running towards the Holdfast. This carried communications from the Battery Command Post to the gun.

The entrance to the Magazine
Looking towards the entrance to the Imbiah Emplacement
On the left are the stairs down to the Magazine.

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