Berhala Reping
Thee Memorial Stone

The Memorial on Sentosa close to Berhala Reping

Sook Ching Memorial

The Plaque on the memorial
The Sook Ching Memorial

Inscribed in four languages on top of the Memorial are the words:-

For eight days from 20 February,1942, hundreds of Chinese civilians,
bound hand and foot, back to back, in groups of four, were transported by
boats from nearby Tanjong Pagar Docks to the waters across from here. There,
Japanese soldiers hurled the bound civilians into the water and opened fire on
them. Many bodies drifted ashore along the outer coastlines of the then Blakang
Mati now Sentosa) Island. Some 300 bodies were by British prisoners
of war around the Berhala Reping artillery post (about 300 metres ahead).
The dead were among tens of thousands who lost there lives during the
Japanese ‘Sook Ching’ operation to purge suspected anti-Japanese civilians
within Singapore's Chinese population between 18 February to 4 March, 1942