Berhala Reping photographed from Mount Serapong
The Bridge

The bridge leading from Blakang Mati to Berhala Reping. The bridge has been much shortened by land reclamation.

Berhala Reping Photographs

A Pillbox near Berhala bridge
ABOVE: A pillbox at Tanjong Cina on the SE tip of Blakang Mati, some 1700 yards (1554 metres) SW of Berhala Reping. My thanks to Andrew Hintz for providing the correct location. This pillbox has since been demolished. The photo was taken from the No.2 Green of the Tanjong Golf Course.

No.1 EmplacementNo.2 Emplacememt
ABOVE LEFT:The No.1 Emplacement.
ABOVE RIGHT: The No.2 Emplacement. A Peacock shelter has been built on it.

Gun EmplacementMagazine room
ABOVE LEFT: A Gun Emplacement. The tracks at the bottom were for ammunition trolleys.
ABOVE RIGHT: A Magazine Room with a hatch to pass shells out to the emplacement.

Ammunition hatchSmall building
ABOVE LEFT: The ammunition hatch shown above right viewed from the Emplacement.
ABOVE RIGHT: A small building, possibly an office or workshop. The wall on the right hides a staircase.

Staicase to store room Underground store room Sealed entrance to underground area
ABOVE LEFT: Staircase down to a store room. This is the staircase mentioned above.
ABOVE CENTRE: The store room. Remains of shelf brackets are on the walls.
ABOVE RIGHT: A sealed entrance to an underground area.

Searchlight Post by the pathInside the Post
ABOVE LEFT: A Searchlight Post by a track on the golf course.
ABOVE RIGHT: Inside the Searchlight Post.

Searchlight PostSearchlight Post
ABOVE LEFT: A Searchlight Post which once overlooked the sea.
ABOVE RIGHT: A Searchlight Post surrounded by the vegetation grown since 1956.